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NBC Universal / TAITRA online & commercial advertisment.

30 Second spot to advertise Taiwan Excellence at the Taiwan expo in Washington D.C. The ad was shot in 16x9 on the RED Komodo for online and 9x16 on the RED Monstro for use on the Nasdaq Screen in Times Square.

We were contacted by NBC Universal to work on this spot that was being commissioned by TAITRA ( The Taiwan External Trade Development Council ). We needed to go to 3 office/factories to film each of the companies tech devices to advertise the Taiwan Trade show that was happening in Washington D.C. The advertisement would be played on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square to further promote the Trade Show.

The client wanted both HD and vertical versions and we had roughly 4 hours at each location. At each location we had to set up a storm grey backdrop, lighting, Dana Dolly and then the tech equipment in such a way that we had enough separation between it and the backdrop.

After doing location recces at each of the offices/factories we made the decision that we'd shoot each version on a separate camera. We'd shoot the vertical version in 8K on the Monstro as it had to be higher resolution for the large space on the Nasdaq screen and then 6K on the Komodo for the 16x9 online version. We used Sony Cine alta lenses on the Komodo and Zeiss CP.3 lenses on the Monstro. We equiped each setup with it's own follow focus unit and fluid head that we swapped out on the Dana Dolly for each shot.

We did a lot of prep for this shoot from storyboards and mock up shots from images we found online from similar looking shoots to create some mood boards. This was to insure that the client ( who would not be on site while shooting ) was on the same page as us.

Part of the challenge was the windows that exist on the Nasdaq Screen. How can we frame the 9x16 version so important parts of the tech isn't lost in there. We created an overlay that would show this and stuck to it throughout filming. The last part was giving each tech company equal coverage and make each of their products standout the same in each of their 8-10 second spots within the 30 seconds.

Take a look at the final vertical version playing in Times Square below and the HD version below that!


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