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Night Markets for shooting in Taiwan
Night market in Taipei
Behind the scenes
Shooting in studio
Yanmingshan Taiwan
Yangminshan, Taipei
On location in Kaohsiung
On location in Kaohsiung

Taiwan has seen several noteworthy projects from abroad in recent years, including Luc Besson’s Lucy, Martin Scorsese’s Silence and Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat. These are just a taste as to the plethora of international shows and movies that have been shot on this tropical island. We also recetnly colaborated with Sony Affirm Pictures on an independent feature film 'Sun Moon' earlier in 2022.

Taiwan offers a diversity of locations in close proximity to each other. The country is home to vibrant cities, modern industrial parks, a mix of Chinese and Japanese architecture, Buddhist temples, sports stadiums, night markets, luscious green mountains, rugged gorges, bamboo forests, rice paddies, tea plantations, lakes/waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and offshore islands.

Taiwan offers a good alternative to filming in mainland China. As well as Chinese-looking locations and talent, and a first-world infrastructure, visiting productions can count on being protected by a system of stable and predictable laws.

Taiwan is still quite new to foreign production but with the aforementioned projects that have recently shot here, its popularity as a filming location is starting to catch on. The Government has production incentives but like any country they have an extensive checklist that you will have to adhere to and it might be cheaper to just do it on your own or with a local production company like us anyways.

Getting around the island is also very easy. There is a high-speed train (THSR) that goes from Nangang, Taipei to the southern most city of Kaohsiung. It takes roughly one hour and 40 minutes and is only USD55 per-person each way. If you pre-book through a site called KK Day and have a foreign passport, you can get unlimited three day passes for USD75. Both Kaohsiung and Taipei have a subway system that is easy to use and figure out. Taxis operate in every city and start at roughly USD2.50 USD, and UBER is in most cities as well which is easier if you don’t speak Chinese.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with more specific location requests or images. 

On location at Sun Moon Lake
cmpc studio taipei
Movie Studio, Taipei
Sun Moon film
US Co-production Feature Film
Ximen District Taiwan
Ximen District, Taipei
taipei cinema park evening.jpg
Taipei Cinema Park
caihong river side park Taipei.jpg
Caihong Riverside Park, Taipei
keelung harbor
Keelung Harbor
Elephant Mountain Taipei
Elephant Mountain, Taipei
taipei old street
Old Street, Taipei
tainan mangroves.jpg
Mangroves, Tainan
fishermans wharf kaohsiung
Fishermans Wharf, Kaohsiung
keelung seaside
Keelung Seaside Park
Kaohsiung tiger and dragon pagodas
Tiger & Dragon Pagodas Kaohsiung

And many, many more. Please don't hesitate to contact us with what kind of shoot or locations you have in mind.

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