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Unlocking Taiwan’s Cinematic Charm

Taiwan’s film industry is absolutely booming. If you’ve never considered it as a filming location, then it’s time to think again. From its stunning natural landscapes to its thriving metropolises, Taiwan offers filmmakers a treasure trove of cinematic opportunities. 

Every year Taiwan adds to its list of updated technical and location advances in its film industry. From multiple grip companies offering the latest in cranes and robotic gear to its latest 180-degree virtual studios ( AUO x Reno Studio and Cyans LED Virtual Studio) or Shih Hsin University’s 270 degree oval LED studio or perhaps one that has multiple spaces from a hospital to a subway car in it (Artwork Studio), your imagination is the only thing holding you back from shooting here. 

Since the pandemic Taiwan has seen a dramatic rise in both local and international production happening within the country. There are more co-production opportunities thanks to TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Content Agency) and existing funding from the Taipei Film Commission and Golden Horse Film Project Promotion that are all well worth looking at if you have the time to apply and take advantage of these platforms for extra funding. 2023 also saw popular Taiwanese Netflix films ‘Over My Dead Body’ ‘Miss Shampoo’ staying on their top 10 list for months.

Netflix’s hit TV Series ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ chose Taipei as one of their locations for season 7 and shot in March of 2023.( Season 7 came out on March 1st 2024 ) They partnered with local production company Stone Soup Production for local crew and logistics services. The director of Somebody Feed Phil, John Bedolis had this to say about Taiwan, ‘After shooting all over Asia, shooting in Taiwan with Stone Soup was a revelation. In the other places we heard a lot of “no”, but in Taiwan, the fantastic crew, mind-blowing locations, and wonderful people enabled us to accomplish even more than we'd hoped for.’ Be sure to check out the SFP episode on Netflix if you’re looking for interesting locations and food ideas for your visit here.

“We pride ourselves with bridging foreign crews with local ones with our bilingual producers and fixers and even bilingual crew,” says Luke Cameron, who has been running Stone Soup Production Company since 2013 in Taipei. “We also recently worked with Los Angeles Director and acting coach, Anthony Meindl on his latest feature where we built half of a subway car in a studio and flooded it with water to re-create an actual flood that happened in China.” There are some amazing production designers and special and visual effects artists here, you can do it all here without looking back to the west. 

The Appeal of Taipei:

At the heart of Taiwan lies its capital city, Taipei. Surrounded by mountains and intersected by rivers that lead to the ocean. Taipei offers a dynamic mix of futuristic architecture and historical architecture and landmarks as well as lush green spaces. 

Cost Effective Filming:

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Taiwan as your filming destination is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to western countries, expenses in Taiwan, such as accommodation, food and equipment rentals are significantly lower, allowing you to stretch your budget further without compromising on quality. There are large sound stages in all 3 main cities now with rental houses in each and all kinds of production services here to assist any kind of production.

Looking to the future:

In May of 2023 through a lot of cooperation and effort from local filmmakers and entrepreneurs as well as TAICCA, Taipei hosted Sundance Film Festival Asia. Films from Sundance were screened as well as hosting a short film competition for Taiwanese filmmakers to showcase their films on an international platform. There were multiple producers and directors in attendance such as Justin Chon (Jamojaya, Blue Bayou), Rachel Lambert (Sometimes I Think About Dying), and Justin Lin (Fast and Furious 3-6) with most hosting panel talks and Q and A sessions. It looks like this satellite festival of Sundance is here to stay for the future. 

If you’re thinking about shooting your next project here, there are many things to consider. Taiwan can double as multiple other locations such as western countries or other Asian countries that may have stricter rules or certain taboos surrounding values and or religion. Taiwan’s climate offers filmmakers a variety of settings throughout the year, from hot summers to mild winters. While typhoon season ( July – October ) and the occasional winter chill may pose challenges, Taiwan’s robust infrastructure minimizes the impact on filming schedules. There are mountain ranges, forests, jungles and hundreds of kilometers of coastline. With major highways and a high-speed rail connecting the north to the south it’s easy to move crews and equipment around the country. 

So, whether you’re envisioning a sweeping epic or an intimate documentary, Taiwan offers the canvas upon which cinematic dreams can flourish. So, why not consider Taiwan for your next cinematic endeavor?

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