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MiR Robots / INNOLUX
4 Minute Corporate Video & written case study.

innotech - bts-36.jpg
Innotech Shoot 2023
Innotech behind the scenes
Innotech Shoot
The case study was handled by 2 copywriters we brought on specifically for this project. After that was approved by MiR, we used that as a template for the script and basis for the outline of the corporate video. We shot it on site at the Innolux Factory Fab 4 in Tainan, Taiwan. It was a 1 day shoot with a 6 person crew.

NBC Universal / Taitra
30 Sec spot for NASDAQ Screen in Times Square New York. 

NBC Taitra BTS 4
NBC Taitra BTS
NBC Taitra BTS 3
NBC Taitra BTS 2
This was a 2 day shoot with a 5 person crew. Shot on RED Monstro and RED Komodo. We shot vertically (9x16) on the Monstro and in 16x9 in 4K on the Komodo.

BOTOX® / Syneos Spot

Botox Shoot on BMPCC 6K
Botox Shoot 3
Botox Shoot 2
This was a 1.5 day shoot with a 10 person crew. Shot with 3x BMPCC 6K Pro cameras and stills shot on a Sony A1.
Botox Shoot
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