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LEXUS International Corporate Spot

This was the Taiwan part of Lexus' international campaign for their new EV line of vehicles. We were tasked with setting up an interview with one of their spokespeople here and had to make it looks as similar as the other campaigns in other countries.

We shot on 2 Arri Alex Mini's with Cooke s4/i Prime lenses. We also used 2 ND.3 Filters and 1/8 Black Magic filters. To match the backdrop they used in other countries we had to order in a grey 9x20 FJ Westcott wrinkle resistant backdrop and light it with 2 sky pannels, 2 Aputure 600D Pros and 2 Aputure 200x lights. Our gaffer used 1x 12 solids on the side and blacked out the windows of the room also.

We dialed the client in on Zoom and had both cameras fed through a Blackmagic Atem Extreme so they could see in real time what we were shooting. The laptop was fed through a small speaker so our interviewee could clearly hear the production team in Los Angeles clearly and we used an adjustable light stand with the laptop on it for correct eye-line. We wrapped on time and the client was extremely happy with the outcome as was the team a Lexus Taipei!


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