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About Stone Soup Production Company

Stone Soup is a borderless production company founded with a name and ethos inspired by story telling as both an art and communication form. Like the fable itself, we are a talented group, both resourceful and motivated, brought together by the hunger and desire to collaborate and create. We aim to produce meaningful provocative and inspiring work in the areas of film, documentary and commercial productions.

Working with an amazing network of partners, we offer a complete service that ranges from initial conception, through to production, post-production, and distribution. We strive to push the creative boundaries whenever possible and promise to bring this unique hunger and creative energy to every production.

If your brand or company is looking to shoot in Taiwan and are brining your own team of production professionals, let us assist you with one of our local Fixers, a translator and transportation for you and your crew while you're here. 

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Taitra & NBC Universal

Taitra - NBC Universal
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